How can you get your dirty tiles and grout looking new again, and more importantly, keep them looking new?

Grout is often dirty due to the fact that it’s recessed and very porous. Tiles trap minute particles of dirt, grime and bacteria that eventually create wear patterns and odors.

The Grout Doctor utilizes the latest technologies and techniques to extract this dirt, grime and bacteria from the pores of the grout and tile. Depending on the results achieved from this grout cleaning process, we will then consult with you to determine the options that are available to you. If the tile and grout are in good shape at this point, we will apply the appropriate grout sealer for your particular floor or wall.

If repairs or color enhancing and other special considerations are needed, we will complete a written proposal of additional work to be performed that was not visible before the cleaning process.

Once sealed properly, your tile and grout is protected against everyday dirt and spills.

Proper tile cleaning will help the sealer last longer and help keep your bathroom or kitchen floors and walls protected without further damaging them.