CLEAN & SEAL: Kitchen or bathroom tiles and grout that were not originally sealed usually develop stains and traffic buildup over time. Our technicians will prescribe a cleaning prescription specifically tailored for your particular floor or wall situation. After the grout cleaning and sealing procedure, The Grout Doctor will apply the appropriate grout sealer. Click here to see pictures of clean & seal.

MOLD & MILDEW REMOVAL: If recurring black spots are evident in your shower or bathtub tile grout, you probably have mold wicking through from the back side of the tile. Mold requires moisture, warm temperatures, organic materials, and oxygen to grow. Eliminating moisture is usually the most effective deterrent for mold re-growth. The Grout Doctor will remove the moldy grout and then re-grout and re-caulk the area with one of the three choices available. Click here to see pictures of mold and mildew removal.

RE-GROUTING: Customers that are continually fighting shower mold and mildew now have an alternative to expensive tile replacement. The Grout Doctor can remove the grout and caulking and replace it without the inconvenience of a complete renovation. Full use of the shower or tub is usually 48 hours after completion and the area will look like new. Regrouting can also dramatically change the look of your kitchen floor or countertop, hall, bathroom or any other room with ceramic tiles. Click here to see pictures of re-grouting.

EPOXY GROUTING: With Microban technology to fight mold and its high stain resistance, epoxy grout is the best choice for showers, pools, kitchens or any situation with high moisture levels. Epoxy grout offers affordable and lasting beauty for years to come. Click here to see pictures of epoxy grouting.

GROUT RE-COLORING: Re-colouring grout is a great alternative to expensive floor tile replacement. The Grout Doctor’s process not only changes the colour but seals it at the same time. A, new clean, uniform appearance throughout the grout joint will dramatically alter the floor or wall tile’s appearance. Click here to see pictures of recolouring.

GROUT & TILE REPAIRS: The Grout Doctor can remove and replace broken tiles and grout with your spare tiles or consult with you to install completely new ones. Or we can stain the grout joints to blend the old grout with the new, making it impossible to see where replacement work has been performed.